Greenway Building Materials India Pvt. Ltd

    Greenway Building Materials India Pvt. Ltd. is solely dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient materials for new generation buildings in India. Led by highly educated and talented group of NRI individuals, the company plans to introduce several innovate building materials in the Indian market to address the fast changing needs of the industry.

  • Our mission is to develop products that will help the India’s growth to keep the country in par with the other developed nations while keeping in pace with industry. Our core values are social and environmental responsibility.

  • Nucon Blocks

    NUCON BLOCK is an innovative product from Greenway Building Materials India Pvt. Ltd. We are located at Paritala village near VIJAYAWADA on National Highway 9. NUCON BLOCKs are ECO Friendly and is proved to be a cost effective solution by providing around 40% savings at different levels of construction.

    These blocks are manufactured from common and abundant natural raw materials producing finished product twice in volume of the raw materials used, making it extremely resource-efficient and eco-friendly. We make sure that we produce the high quality blocks using the state of the art production facility. Our automated machinery and testing process ensures high quality for each and every block that we produce.

The Management Team

  • Management Team-3Srinivasa R. Thotakura

  • Management Team-2Prasad Sunkara
    Managing Director

  • Management Team-4Krishna Kishore Chittabathina

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